Dosette Box

Marks tey Pharmacy

We can put your regular medicines in a special container to help you remember to take them on the right day and at the right time.These are plastic boxes with  four small compartments that clearly show which pills need to be taken at what time of day.

 The main benefit of a dosette box is that it helps you organise your medication and minimises the risk of you forgetting to take a dose. ... It can also be an excellent tool for family members or professional carers who are responsible for taking care of elderly patients who require daily medication

General exclusion list for medicines not suitable for repackaging in a MDS:

  • Hygroscopic or moisture sensitive medicines, dispersible tablets, effervescent tablets, soluble tablets, buccal tablets, sublingual tablets, orodispersible tablets
  • Medicines requiring refrigeration
  • Light sensitive medicines
  • Medicines prescribed as p.r.n (when required)
  • Patient’s medicine dose may change depending on test results e.g. warfarin
  • Medicines requiring safe handling e.g. cytotoxic medicines

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to ascertain if this type of system is suitable for you.