Medi-Test Combi Strips 5N - Box of 50


Supplied in a tube of 50 Test Strips.


Tests for:

• Glucose
• Protein 2
• pH
• Blood
• Nitrite
• Ascorbic Acid

Medi-Test urinalysis strips are:

  1. Very resistant to interference from ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Some strips on the market are prone to vitamin C interference and give falsely-lower or false-negative results. The tests that are most affected are blood, glucose, bilirubin and nitrite.
  2. The Medi-Test Glucose test is the most sensitive test on the market allowing better control of glucose levels in diabetics. The Medi-Test Glucose test is sensitive down to 1.1mmol/l which is 5x more sensitive than a competitor.
  3. The tests can be read between 30 and 60 seconds (except leukocyte which has to be read at 120 sec like every other brand on the market). This makes it very convenient for the nurse to read the results all at once.
  4. Medi-Test strips have a very long shelf-life even after opening the tubes. Some competitor strips have to be disposed of within 6 months or so after opening.
  5. The test pads on Medi-Test strips are in the same order and the same distance apart as the colour blocks on the label – allowing easy and error-free reading of the tests.
  6. Aligning the direction of the arrows on the test strips with those on the label ensures that there is no misunderstanding of the positioning of the strip relative to the label and ensures results are read correctly for each test.