Free NHS Contraception Service available in this pharmacy 

Are you considering your choices or do you need your next supply of your contraceptive pill?

You can now arrange to speak to a pharmacist to help you consider your contraception choices, get started on contraceptive pills or get your next supply directly from this pharmacy.

Who can use this service?

You can use the service if:

  • You are considering your choice of contraception and would like advice on your options

  • You would like to start taking or restart contraceptive pills

  • You are already taking a contraceptive pill that has been prescribed for you by your pharmacy, GP surgery or a sexual health clinic and you need your next supply of contraception.

What will the consultation include?

A trained pharmacist will carry out your consultation. They will ask you the same sort of questions as the healthcare professional at your general practice would ask.

An appropriately trained member of the pharmacy team might also carry out some checks – such as: taking your blood pressure, weight, height and asking about your medical history.

The pharmacist will discuss any concerns you have. For example, you can tell them if you have side effects from your contraception. If you have  side effects, the pharmacist will be able to help identify ways of managing these and, if needed, refer you to your GP surgery or sexual health clinic for further support.

Will my information be passed on to my GP?

The consultation is confidential, so the pharmacist will not talk to your GP or share your information without your consent.

If you agree, the pharmacist will send a record of the consultation and the details of any contraception supplied to your GP surgery.

If the pharmacist identifies any health problems, for example, raised blood pressure, they will talk to you about sharing this information with your GP.

To provide the contraceptive pill safely, we need to ask you a number of questions. You will need to complete this form before your consultation with the pharmacist (You will get a copy at the pharmacy).

Note: The contraceptive pill is not suitable for everyone. 
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