Medication Use Review

Marks Tey Pharmacy

A Medication Use Review is not longer supported by the NHS, however we would like to keep offering this service to our patients free of charge. It is an appointment with the pharmacist to check how you are getting on with your medicine, which is useful if you regularly take several prescription medicines or have a long-term illness.

This confidential service will help you find out more about your medicine, identify any problems you may be having with taking your medicine as intended, and help you take your medicine to best effect.

How do I know if I am I eligible for a Medicines Use Review?

You can ask for a Medicines Use Review if:

-You are regularly taking more than one prescription medicine.

-You are taking medicines for a long term illness, for example, asthma, arthritis, diabetes or epilepsy.

-You have recently been discharged from hospital.

-Even if you're not in either of these groups, you can ask your pharmacist for advice about your medication at any time.

Can I request a Medicines Use Review?

-Yes, you can ask for a review at your local pharmacy where you get your prescription medicines.

-Your pharmacist might invite you for a review, either in person or in a letter through the post.

What can I expect from a Medicines Use Review?

A medicines use review will involve a confidential conversation between you and your pharmacist about your medication in a private consultation area at your local pharmacy. The pharmacist is there to listen to any concerns or questions you have and help you get the best out of your medicines.

The pharmacist will start by going through all the medicines you take, finding out how you take your medicines, and if you have enough information about them.

The pharmacist will check how well you are getting on with your medicines, for example, if you can swallow your medicines easily, or if you are using your inhaler properly.

Together, you will discuss how you think your medicines are working. Not all your medicines may be necessary, the dose might need to be adjusted, or you may be experiencing certain side effects. The pharmacist may be able to suggest some changes to your medication which you can discuss with your GP.

The pharmacist will fill in a form, called the Medicine Review Action Plan, so you have a record of what was agreed during the meeting. A copy will also go to your GP to be put into your medical notes. You can also ask for a copy to be sent to another health professional involved in your care - for example, your district nurse, or your carer.

How long will the review take?

A typical review will take between 10 and 20 minutes.

How often will I need a Medicines Use Review?

It is recommended that you have a review with your pharmacist once a year.