Palliative Medicines

Marks Tey Pharmacy

What is palliative care? End of life care includes palliative care. If you have an illness that cannot be cured, palliative care makes you as comfortable as possible, by managing your pain and other distressing symptoms. It also involves psychological, social and spiritual support for you and your family or carers.

Pharmacists engaged in the development and oversight of a medication formulary will support palliative and end-of-life care programs to achieve evidence-based and cost-effective medication use, minimise delays in therapy due to drug shortages, and contain medication expenses.

At Marks Tey Pharmacy we are trying our best to keep all required medication for hospices or nursing homes in stock. These include:

  • Analgesics: e.g.: diamorphine/morphine (as-required - dose will depend on regular dose)
  • Antiemetics: e.g.: Metoclopramide or Levomepromazine
  • Sedatives: e.g.: Midazolam
  • Antisecretory drugs e.g.: Hyoscine butylbromide
  • Antipsychotic drugs e.g.: Haloperidol

Please give us a call to 01206212878 or email us at if you have any queries regarding stock of any of these medicines.