Actico Cohesive Bandage


Actico is a cohesive inelastic compression bandage system. Actico is applied at 100% full stretch for accurate and easy simple spiral application – reducing the risk of over compression. A Randomised Controlled Trial showed Actico is as effective as 4L at healing ulcers in both mobile and immobile patients. Actico can be applied up to the knee or as a full leg bandage as required. 
  • Non slip so Actico requires fewer re-applications.
  • Patients can usually wear their normal footwear.
  • Suitable for leg ulcers with or without oedema.
  • Effective for mobile and immobile patients
  • Actico can treat the majority of limb shapes
  • Ideal for oedema or exudate reduction prior to ongoing healing with a hosiery kit

Indications for use:

  • Venous leg ulcers with and without chronic oedema
  • Chronic oedema and lymphoedema
  • Mobile and immobile patients
  • ABPI >0.8 - 1.3 Actico® compression therapy can be applied. If ABPI is >1.3 further investigation may be required before Actico® is applied (please refer to local guidelines).

 Product Information Leaflet