Aquacel Foam Adhesive



Aquacel foam combines a protective top layer, soft absorbent foam pad and gentle silicone adhesive with an Aquacel contact layer. The top layer provides a waterproof barrier against viral and bacterial penetration whilst allowing the patient to shower and bathe. The absorbent foam pad absorbs excess fluid and the gentle adhesive only attaches to the surrounding skin and not to the wound bed.

The Aquacel contact layer gels on contact with exudate and locks it in, including any harmful components. The dressing micro-contours to the wound which minimises dead space where bacteria can grow. The vertical wicking prevents lateral spread of fluid which reduces the risk of maceration.

• Waterproof bacterial barrier against viral and bacterial penetration
• Allows patients to shower and bathe
• Soft absorbent foam enhances patient comfort and absorbs excess fluid
• Aquacel contact layer gells on contact with exudate to provide a moint environment
• Vertical wicking reduces the risk of maceration
• Contours to the wound bed, minimising space where bacteria can grow
• Gentle silicone adhesive designed to adhere to the surrounding skin and not the wound bed
• Skin friendly adhesive for simple application and removal

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