Biatain Ag Adhesive


Unique 3D foam structure for superior absorption
When in contact with exudate the unique 3D foam structure of Biatain® Ag Adhesive conforms closely to the wound bed for superior absorption – even under compression 
Designed to prevent infection
The sustained silver release profile ensures a homogenous distribution of silver ions providing a continuous antibacterial effect during entire wear time.
Patented with a silver complex with broad antibacterial profile
Independent studies have proven that Biatain® Ag is effective on bacteria commonly found in infected non-healing wounds . Clinical studies have shown that infected wounds heal faster with Biatain® Ag than with other wounds dressings, including other antibacterial dressings.
Continuous antibacterial effect during entire wear time
Due to the sustained silver release profile there is a continuous antibacterial effect during entire wear time.

In the presence of exudate silver is continuously released into the wound bed up to 7 days .

Biatain® Ag Adhesive is a soft and flexible absorbent polyurethane foam that is patented with a silver complex homogeneously dispersed throughout the foam matrix.

Biatain® Ag Adhesive can be used for a wide range of exuding wounds with delayed healing due to bacteria, or where there is a risk of infection, including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, second degree burns, donor sites, postoperative wounds and skin abrasions. Biatain® Ag Adhesive can be used in combination with compression therapy.


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