Bio Oil



Bio‑Oil has developed a 100% natural version of its original scar and stretch mark product. The product performed equally well in clinical trials, making it the first time a natural product has been proven to match the performance of a category-leading product. Bio‑Oil® Skincare Oil (Natural) began its global rollout in Q3 2020.

If you pour oil and water into a glass, the oil will rise to the top and stop the water from evaporating. Skin holds in its moisture the same way, by producing an invisible oily layer on its surface. The best way to help the skin stop losing moisture is to supplement this layer. Traditional dry skin products (creams, lotions and butters) contain on average around 20% oil, wax or butter for this purpose. Bio‑Oil® Dry Skin Gel contains 84%. In the 18 months since launch, Bio‑Oil® Dry Skin Gel has won skincare product of the year in the UK, France, Italy and Spain.