Cellona Shoe


The shoe is well-priced, sturdy, hardwearing and non-slip so that patients are able to safely go outside and return to their normal activities even though their limb may be bandaged for some time. In this way, the shoe enables patients to cope better with everyday tasks and helps to encourage mobility. It therefore promotes healing and improved quality of life for those patients with bandaged lower limbs and feet; such as patients with lymphoedema or venous leg ulcers with or without chronic oedema.
With hook and loop fastenings, the new Cellona® shoe is fully adjustable for comfort and safety and comes in a range to fit all sizes. It is designed to be used either closed-toe for protection in wet and cold weather or open-toe as a sandal for indoor and warmer weather. The shoe can be used on either foot. With sizes from Child’s size 7½ to Men’s size 13, with enough wrap-around material to accommodate even the most heavily bandaged feet, all patients should be catered for using the Cellona® Shoe. Measure the bandaged foot length and use the following chart to determine which shoe size to order. This will usually be a larger UK shoe size than the patient will normally wear when not bandaged. There should be enough adjustable material to accommodate all bandaged feet. To prevent tripping, trim the adjustable length of hook and loop ankle fastening tape as required using scissors. The tongue of the shoe can be worn over the bandaged foot for greatest protection of the dressing and toes. Alternatively, the tongue can be laid down into the bottom of the shoe so that the bandaged foot is placed on top of the tongue. This provides the patient with the open-toed sandal option The Cellona shoe is designed to be used for up to 6 months. The shoe is hardwearing, water-resistant and can be washed by hand at 30°C. Do not tumble dry.