Clinimed LBF Range


LBF Barrier Cream moisturises the skin whilst providing a protective barrier against the harmful effects of bodily fluids such as urine, faeces, digestive enzymes and excessive perspiration, which can cause skin to become red, sore and sometimes damaged. It is also ideal for sensitive skin as it helps to prevent the sticky adhesive on stoma pouches from causing skin irritation or trauma during removal.
The balanced consistency of LBF Barrier Cream means that it is not too thick or thin, whilst the high concentration allows a small amount to go further - being easy to apply and spread effortlessly. Once absorbed into the skin, a non-greasy breathable layer is left behind.
  • Long lasting waterproof protection
  • Non-greasy and pH balanced
  • Skin friendly; latex and fragrance free
LBF is completely inert, making it safe for use on children’s sensitive skin.