Durafiber Ag


DurafiberAg is an absorbent, non-woven, silver containing antimicrobial dressing composed of cellulose ethyl sulphonate fibres. The ionic silver in the dressing provides antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of common wound pathogens which may help to reduce bacterial bioburden and the risk of infection.
DURAFIBER Ag is designed to rapidly form a clear cool gel on contact with wound fluid. This gel absorbs excess fluid, locks exudate away from the wound, provides a moist environment to support autolytic debridement and conforms intimately to the wound bed.
The high integral wet strength of Durafiber Ag facilitates easy one-piece removal from moist wound beds and cavity wounds so minimising trauma to the wound and pain to the patient on removal.
DurafiberAg can be use in conjunction with a range of cover dressings including Allevyn and Profore. Durafiber Ag may also be used with Opsite on lightly exuding wounds.