Exufiber & Exufiber Ag+



 Exufiber is a non-woven PVA dressing. It transforms into a gel upon contact with exudate, helping it to softly conform to the wound bed. Exufiber can be used to treat a wide range of medium to highly exuding wounds, including cavity wounds.
Exufiber is made with Hydroloc Technology to both absorb exudate and keep it locked in to the fibres. Exufiber reduces the risk of leakage and maceration, helping to create an optimal healing environment. Hydrolock Technology also means Exufiber stays intact when wet, without the need for further reinforcement, making it easy to remove in one piece during dressing changes.


Exufiber Ag+ with Hydrolock technology is a sterile non-woven gelling fibre design with a rapid antimicrobial action for sustained protection against a broad range of Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria . Exufiber Ag+ is proven to kill 99 percent of mould within 24 hours (in vitro)   and may reduce odour . When Exufiber Ag+ comes into contact with wound exudate, it transforms into a gel. The gel helps support a moist wound healing environment and stays in one-piece so you can remove it easily when you change the dressing . The high absorption and retention capacity   can reduce the risk of leakage and maceration. You can use Exufiber Ag+ when managing medium to highly-exuding wounds .
You can use Exufiber Ag+ in combination with Mepilex® Border with Safetac®.