Fine Test Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips - Box of 50


Diabetes patients are eligible for VAT exemption, meaning that if you have diabetes you do not need to pay VAT on items such as blood glucose monitors, test strips, lancets and other periphery diabetes products.

The Finetest™ Lite blood glucose monitoring system provides results in 5 seconds using only 0.5μL of blood. With full automatic coding, strip ejector and 500 test memory, Finetest™ Lite is designed to be fast, accurate and easy to use.

Features & Benefits:

  • Accuracy (ISO 15197:2015 Compliance)

    Compliant to all three components of the recently published ISO 15197:2015 standards for accuracy with detailed clinical data available.


    GDH-FAD enzyme minimises the influence of 20 different interference substances, including maltose and galactose, improving accuracy and enabling use of both capillary and venous whole blood for self testing.

  • Auto-coding

    Eliminate the need to calibrate your strips with the monitor. Auto Coding avoids the danger of false results caused by coding errors.

  • 5 Second Results

    Fast measuring speed, generating results in just 5 seconds.

  • Easy to Use

    Large LED lit display, easy to use buttons and strip ejector make the Finetest™ Lite user friendly.

  • Small Blood Volume

    Possible to measure accurately with only 0.5µL of blood.

  • 500 Test Memory

    The Finetest™ Lite meter is capable of storing 500 test results. This feature will allow you to review your readings in your own time as well as manipulate your averages for unique results.