Glycerol 1g Infant suppositories - Box of 12


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Glycerin (Glycerol) Suppositories BP 1g Infants is an easy and effective way to provide your baby with relief from constipation and works by encouraging bowel movement- helping to relieve any pain or discomfort they might feel due to not being able to pass stool. These suppositories are safe and simple to use and will dissolve in a matter of minutes, providing your baby with fast and effective treatment.

 Ingredients : Gelatin, Purified Water

 Suppositories must not be taken my mouth.

Wash your hands before and after use.

Remove the protective film before use by tearing the strip at the notch or by cutting around the suppository.

Dip the suppository in water and insert into the rectum.

The brand might vary, Care or Martindale.