Glycerol 2g children suppositories - Box of 12


Glycerol suppositories are mild laxatives that are used to relieve constipation. They are for rectal use only. (But can be used in the same way with a stoma) They are used to remove stool from the back passage. As they are so effective at emptying the back passage, they are sometimes used for the treatment of faecal incontinence too. This is because as the bowel is empty there is nothing to leak out.

The glycerol acts as a lubricant therefore softening the stool. It is also a mild stimulant and causes the bowel muscles to contract therefore making it easier to expel the stool. When used for the treatment of faecal incontinence, this complete emptying of the bowel can stop leakage during the rest of the day which improves confidence. When someone has very loose stools with faecal incontinence they can be used with Loperamide, which slows the bowel movement down higher up in the gut and glycerol helps to empty the bowel completely in the lower bowel.

They are very safe and do not react with other medication. Contra-indicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to glycerol. Adults suppositories are not suitable for use by children and infants. Use only under a doctor's instruction when pregnant.

Tear open the packet, but keep the suppository inside the packet. 

 If the suppository is soft it can be refrigerated before use to make handling easier.

Use tap water on the end of the suppository.

Lie on you left side with your knees bent up.

 Take the suppository out of the packet and insert it. You can use gloves if you prefer. Try to insert to the depth of your finger. Some people find that inserting the suppository blunt end first is easier.

If it comes out straight away it may not be inserted far enough into the rectum.

 Stay still on your side for 15 –30 minutes.

 When you have the urge to empty get up and go to the toilet. It is not necessary for the whole suppository to melt to get results. If however, you have an urge to empty as soon as you have inserted the suppository; try to ‘hang on’ a little longer as you will have better results. 

Brand may vary