Granuflex Hydrocolloid



 Granuflex dressing is a hydrocolloid, moisture-retentive wound dressing used for partial and full-thickness wounds with exudate.

Granuflex dressing creates an occlusive moist wound environment which promotes healing of low to moderately-exuding wounds. On contact with a moist wound surface, the unique hydrocolloid composition of granuflex dressing (sodium CMC, gelatin, pectin, and adhesive polymers) forms a cohesive gel which supports moist wound healing. With a wear time of up to 7 days, granuflex dressing can contribute to cost-effective care. This product does not contain latex.
Product Features & Benefits:
•  Aids autolytic debridement.
•  Supports moist wound-healing environment.
•  Provides a bacterial and viral barrier.
•  Keeps nerve endings moist, helping to relieve discomfort and pain.
•  Easy to apply and remove.
•  More cost-effective than some traditional and modern dressings.
Indications for Use: 
•  Chronic wounds - pressure ulcers (stage I-IV) and leg ulcers. 
•  Acute wounds - traumatic wounds, minor abrasions, lacerations, partial thickness burns, and donor sites.