Hydromol Range



Hydromol is a range of products for the treatment of dry skin and eczema. These products can be used individually, or together as a Complete Emollient Therapy regime.

Hydromol Bath & Shower Emollient

Hydromol Bath & Shower Emollient works in two ways. First, it replaces traditional soaps, shower gels and bubble baths, all of which contain detergents which can irritate dry or damaged skin. Secondly, it leaves a fine layer of emollient on the skin to reduce TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss), and keep irritants out.

A key feature of Hydromol Bath & Shower Emollient is that in trials, it has been shown to leave less oily residue on bath surfaces than other frequently prescribed bath emollients.16

Hydromol Cream

Hydromol Cream also works hard and is formulated with key ingredients for skin health. It contains sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate, which is a humectant. This helps moisturise the skin from the inside. In addition, Hydromol Cream also leaves a fine layer of emollient on the skin that helps reduce trans-epidermal water loss, and keep irritants out.

Hydromol Cream combines the actions of an humectant, which helps lubricate and enhances the water capacity of the skin. It works in two ways to promote skin health in a single application.

Hydromol Ointment

Hydromol Ointment is a highly occlusive emollient. By forming an occlusive layer on the skin, it helps to reduce trans-epidermal water loss. It contains no fragrances, colour or preservatives which may irritate particularly sensitive skins, and does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This may be useful if your patient's skin is particularly sensitive to this ingredient.

Hydromol Intensive

Hydromol Intensive is used to relieve the discomfort of clinically dry skin conditions. It contains a high concentration of urea, a component of the skin's own Natural Moisturising Factor. It acts as a humectant to moisturise the skin from the inside.

With a 10% concentration of urea, Hydromol Intensive helps to relieve discomfort for patients with clinically dry skin conditions, alongside a Complete Emollient Therapy regime.