Kerracel Dressings


KerraCel™ is indicated for the management of low to heavily exuding partial- and full-thickness chronic and acute wounds and to control minor bleeding in superficial wounds.
Under the supervision of a health care professional, KerraCel™ can be used on the following wounds including: leg ulcers, pressure ulcers (stages 2-4), diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds (e.g., post operative, wounds left to heal by secondary intent and donor sites) superficial and partial-thickness burns, cavity wounds, traumatic wounds (e.g., abrasions and lacerations) and for exudate absorption in oncology wounds (e.g., fungating cutaneous tumors, cutaneous metastases and Kaposi's sarcomas).
The dressing can be used under compression.
• Soft, sterile, highly absorbent and conformable

• Nonwoven wound dressing made of 100% carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)
• As wound exudates are absorbed, the CMC forms a soft gel which helps the dressing maintain a moist environment
• Supports the wound healing process
• Aids in the removal of nonviable material from the wound, without damaging newly formed tissue