Mepitel One Dressings


Mepitel® One reduces pain and skin damage for the patients  .
  • one sided Safetac® interface minimise patient discomfort at dressing removal  
  • Safetac technology seals the wound margins and reduces risk of maceration 
  • Safetac technology promotes non adherence to the moist wound bed but to dry skin only  
Mepitel One supports optimal undisturbed healing .
  • advanced dressing maintaining product properties over time - leaves no residues   and does not dry out
  • Safetac adhesive technology secures optimal fixation   - can remain in place for up to 14 days 
Mepitel One supports healing progress  and care provider.
  • transparent net enables optimal wound assessment avoiding unnecessary dressing changes  
  • pre-printed symbol facilitates safe removal on skin tears with fully or partially intact flap
  • perforated structure allows it to be used in combination with gels

Product Information Leaflet