Salivix Dry Mouth Pastilles


Salivix pastilles are tutti-frutti flavoured and stimulate natural saliva production. The product can be used for stimulation of saliva production in patients suffering from dry mouth when saliva secretion is impaired and potentially functioning gland tissue is still present.
One pastille to be sucked slowly as required. Not for use in very young children due to the risk of choking.

The slow dissolving pastilles contain malic acid (0.8%), a recognised sialogogue and fruit flavours which stimulate natural saliva production in the same way as food. The pastilles are sugar-free and contain calcium lactate and sodium phosphate for active remineralisation of the teeth and which act as buffers to the acidity of the product.
Salivix pastilles are a saliva stimulant and not a saliva substitute. In mild to moderate dry mouth, natural saliva stimulation should be the treatment of choice.
The risk of dental decay and mouth infection increases in the absence of sufficient saliva. Calcium lactate and sodium phosphate are included in the pastille to provide calcium and phosphate for active remineralisation of the teeth. The calcium lactate and sodium phosphate also provide some buffering to the acidity of the product.