Suprasorb A & A+Ag


Suprasorb A  promotes wound healing and also offers a high degree of comfort due to its exceptionally soft structure and ease of packing.

Suprasorb A + Ag reduces the microbial load directly in the wound bed and is therefore especially suitable for wounds that are infected or at risk of infection - including MRSA or VRE*. In addition to having these properties, Suprasorb A + Ag is also a soft and supple wound covering that readily conforms to any wound bed.
The high exudate absorption capacity of Suprasorb A + Ag comes to the fore particularly with wounds with high levels of exudate. Suprasorb A + Ag forms a gel on contact with exudate. Bacteria and microbes are trapped in this gel, creating a moist wound environment and cleansing the wound. The high exudate absorption capacity generally promotes wound healing.

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