Medi UCS Debridement Pads - Box of 10


UCS debridement is a pre-moistened single use cloth for effective wound debridement and cleaning of the surrounding leg area.

UCS Debridement is a sterile, ready-to-use debridement cloth for wound cleansing and the removal of barriers to healing, such as sloughy tissue and wound debris from the wound, wound edge and the surrounding skin.

The UCS debridement cloth is the perfect solution for chronic and acute wound bed management. Allowing you to combine 4 unique actions in one single application:
1. Debride
Physical debridement with unique loop technology allows for prompt and pain-free removal of non-viable tissue, dry skin, bio-burden and wound debris.
2. Clean
Deep cleaning and biofilm removal with Poloxamer 188 (1) - allows better penetration of other subsequent topical treatment such as antibiotic or anti-microbial preparations. UCS is the perfect product for biofilm management strategies due to its lasting effect aiding the prevention of biofilm reformation. 

3. Soften 
Softening stubborn necrosis/sloughy tissue and dry and hardened skin plaques with Allantoin (2) (a known keratolytic). This softening action even continues to work after debridement with UCS and helps to improve skin integrity.

4. Moisturise 
Gentle moisturising and anti-inflammatory affect to the wound bed and surrounding skin due to the Aloe Barbadensis in the active solution.

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