Zetuvit Plus



Zetuvit® Plus has a unique combination of absorption capacity, softness and cushioning. A blend of cellulose fluff and fluid retaining super absorbent particles (SAP) mean that Zetuvit® Plus has excellent softness, rapid absorption of wound exudate and high wearing comfort.

Zetuvit® Plus has a four layer composition; Hydrophobic outer non-woven to prevent sticking to the wound; special green non-woven on the backside of the dressing, prevents fluid strike through (up to a certain degree) and aids correct dressing application; super absorbent core made of cellulose and SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) and a thin non-woven fabric which uniformly distributes fluid. Soft and air-permeable, Zetuvit® Plus conforms easily to body contours and has a high cushioning effect.

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