Activheal Foam Tracheostomy - Box of 10


ActivHeal  Foam Tracheostomy dressing is a sterile, highly absorbent wound dressings with a fenestration, which allows the dressing to fit neatly around a tracheostomy tube.
  • The   tracheostomy   foam   dressing   consists   of   a hydrophilic absorbent polyurethane foam laminated to a pink, low friction waterproof polyurethane film, which also  provides  a  bacterial  barrier. 
  • The  tracheostomy foam  dressing  is  soft,  conformable  and  also  provides cushioning  to  the  area  surrounding  the  tracheostomy tube, whilst also having the ability to absorb moderate to high levels of exudate, which helps prevent maceration around the site of intubation.
  • The  tracheostomy  foam  dressing  is  a non-adhesive, which minimises adherence to both the surrounding skin and the tracheostomy tube, reducing trauma for the patient during use and on removal.
  • As well as fitting around a tracheostomy tube, the dressing can also be used around intubation and  cannula  insertions  procedures,  external  bone  fixators  and  appropriately  sized  wound drainage tubes.

Activheal Catalogue Leaflet