Mepilex XT


Mepilex® XT foam dressing is designed for moderate exuding wounds. It handles more fluid   and absorbs fluid faster than other foam dressings. It's conformable and versatile – you can use it to treat wounds with normal and viscous fluids, during any exuding wound healing stages. Mepilex XT includes our Safetac® wound contact layer. Dressings with Safetac® are clinically demonstrated to minimise damage to the wound and skin at removal . By sealing the wound margins, they help prevent maceration. With less damage to the wound and skin, pain at dressing change is minimised.
  • Handles more fluid than other foam dressings   
  • Absorbs fluid faster than other foam dressings        
  • Manages low and high viscosity fluid  – so you can use it at any exuding wound-healing stage   
  • Supports longer wear times, leading to fewer dressing changes, better compliance and may lower overall cost of care         

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